Ashtamudi in Kollam

Ashtamudi in Kollam


Ashtamudi translates into eight channels and translates in local language as a lake with eight branches and is the second longest lake in Kerala stretching a distance of 16 kilometers finally merging into the sea at the estuary in Neendakara in Kollam. The backwater cruise between Ashtamudi and Alleppey is considered to be the longest in Kerala and is the best experience to intimately experience the best backwater in kerala .

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            Ashtamudi lake is the best place to enjoy the serene beauty of the coconut groves and palm trees along the banks the backaters and is less crowded unlike Alleppey. Munroe Island (Munroethuruth) which is located at the confluence of Kallada river and Ashtamudi lake is a cluster of eight tiny islands is named in honour of Resident Colonel John Munro who oversaw the land restoration efforts in Kallada river adjoining the Ashtamudi lake. When you enjoy a cruise in Ashtamudi lake you can enjoy the sightings of Chinese fishing nets which is locally known as cheena vala which is used for fishing and other activities like coconut husk retting used to produce coir products and the canoe from which the ripples from the oar spreads out in the backwaters.

The most -visited backwater and lake in Kerala, Ashtamudi Lake is located in Kollam district and offers a splendid experience of ‘God’s Own Country’. Palm groves and coconut trees are found on the banks, sprawling carelessly. Ashtamudi means eight-cornered in local dialect and it was named so because of the fact that the lake has eight channels. Ashtamudi Lake is also the second largest lake of Kerala (16 km long) and merges with the sea through Neendakara estuary. Boat riding and houseboat cruising are common activities here, which are organized by District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC). Depending on your preference, pick from round the clock trip or star night cruise.

The most popular and longest backwater route is between Kollam and Allapuzha. The journey is eight-hour long and is filled with coconut groves, palm trees, chirps of colorful birds and many such beautiful experiences. It is often unexplainable to define bliss when the sun is about to set and you are listening to the babbles of the lake as the paddles of your houseboats creates ripples and the birds with claws clung to the barks of the trees chirp the song of love. Cruise on the serene waters of the Ashtamudi Lake and soak-in the tranquility spread all around. Treat your eyes to the green surroundings.

Nearest airport – Trivandrum International Airport, around 70 km

Nearest station- Kollam Junction, around 2 km

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