Best Waterfalls Attraction of Malampuzha Dam in Palakkad

Malampuzha Dam in Palakkad

Best Waterfalls Attraction of Malampuzha Dam in Palakkad

Malampuzha Gardens, the only rock-cut gardens in South India made by Nek Chand, the renowned artist and winner of the prestigious Padmashree Award, is situated in Palakkad district. The entire garden is made from broken pieces of bangles, tiles, used plastic cans, tins and other waste materials. Also situated in the gardens is the massive Malampuzha Yakshi(female vampire) built in 1969 by Kanayi Kunhiraman, a greatly respected sculptor from the state. It is a spectacular relic of art that we are lucky to still have with us. The flowering beds, fountains and rose gardens along with an aerial ropeway make it a place that instantly soothes your soul.

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In the lower hills of the Western Ghats lies the beautiful Malampuzha township whose lush greenery and plethora of picnic spots make it a must visit spot in these areas. It has really good trekking trails that are available to all with a penchant for the same. Malampuzha Gardens and the Irrigation Dam tend to be the areas that attract the highest number of visitors. Apart from being perfect picnic spots, there is a host of interesting trivia surrounding the place that adds to its appeal.

The dam project was begun in 1949 and completed in 1955. It was only after India’s independence on 27 March 1949, that the then Public Works Minister, Sri. M. Bhaktavatsalam laid the foundation stone for the project. Palakkad was a part of the Madras Presidency during those times. The dam was constructed in record time, and on October 9, 1955, the then Chief Minister of Madras, Sri. K Kamaraj, inaugurated the dam.The total catchments area is 145 square kilometres, while the reservoir has a capacity of 8000 square meters of water. The canal systems serve to irrigate farm land while the reservoir provides drinking water to Palakkad and surrounding villages.

Visiting Hours: 09:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs

Entrance Fee:
Children (3-12): Rs. 10/-
Adult: Rs.25/-
Separate entrance fee for Ropeway, Snake Park (Monday Holiday)

Contact Details:
Malampuzha Garden, Ph: +91 491 2815295

Getting there

Nearest railway station: Palakkad, about 9 km

Nearest airport: Coimbatore International Airport, about 67 km and Calicut International Airport, about 106 km


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