Punarjani Traditional Village in Munnar

Punarjani Traditional Village in Munnar

Punarjani Traditional Village

Punarjani Traditional Village is located at the second mile Pallivasal, 8 km away from Munnar town. It is a co-operative venture by a group of artists based in Munnar. The Punarjani means rebirth and the purpose of this venture is to preserve or rejuvenate the cultural heritage of Kerala.Punarjani is mainly promoting two traditional Kerala art forms; ‘Kathakali’ the classical dance drama and ‘Kalarippayattu’, the mother of all martial arts. Every day shows of each art form are arranged for a one hour duration. The Kathakali performance starts at 5 pm and kalarippayattu at 6 pm.

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                                  Punarjani Traditional Village and Ayurvedic spa provide a better experience of Kerala’s tradition since last 10 years. it includes Classical Dance Drama – Kathakali, and Father of all Martial Arts- Kalarippayattu. and also we provide unique Ayurvedic Massage that relaxes your mind and body.

The genuine performance provide areal visual experience to our guests. kalarippayattu ensure 360′ view. one and only theater performing all the major characters and different stories.we ensure unique performance and Hospitality.

Punarjani have advanced reservation system.we arrange special shows on request for groups and students groups.also provide special rates to students groups.

we arrange training programs and arrange shows in hotels on request, outside India also.Punarjani is team of committed well trained talented youth artists to provide our cultural heritage and art forms.

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This traditional dance form of India is the specialty of Kerala and is performed by very skilled professional artists. The elaborate costumes, stunning makeup, expressions, and movements tell stories and tales. The tiniest of movements of the eyebrows, lips, eyes, chin, cheeks and nose convey so many emotions. The costumes and makeup are used to portray characters, roles and qualities and also to represent demons, Gods, humans, etc. This pure dance form involves years of training, and it takes a lot of skill for the artists to express so much without talking.

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