Visit Tea Gardens in Munnar

Tea Gardens in Munnar

  Visit Tea Gardens in Munnar

Munnar is considered one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Greeted by virgin forests, savannahs, rolling hills, scenic valleys, numerous streams, huge gushing waterfalls, sprawling tea plantations and winding walkways, Munnar is one of the most picturesque locations in the world.

Until 1790, Munnar was a densely forested region that was discovered by the Duke of Wellington. In 1870, a subordinate of Travancore’s ruler granted 588 sq km of land on lease to J.D. Munro, who was a Scottish tea planter and a lawyer. A.H. Sharp planted the first sapling of tea at Parvathi, which now comes under the Sevenmallay Estate. In present times, the hill station has more than 50 tea gardens and sprawling estates. Harrison Malayalam, Michael’s Tea, Brooke Bond and AVT Tea are some of the well-known tea estates in the region.

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Tea in Munnar is grown on its undulating terrain, which appear as if they are covered with a bright green blanket. Sometimes, terraced plantation is also followed in order to prevent soil erosion and to facilitate irrigation. As tea has become one of the reasons behind this hill station’s international fame, it is considered an important aspect of this place. Keeping this in mind, Tata Tea established a tea museum to provide an insight into the process that is involved behind every delicious sip of tea.

ea gardens plays a very big role in the beauty of Munnar. Wherever you will go, you will be just amazed by it’s views and beauty. It looks very pleasant when on a drive, surrounded by lush green valleys and breathtaking views. There are numerous varieties of tea’s here, must try it (Specially the green tea and chocolate flavour). Perfect place for photographers because of it’s charm and serenity.

The hill station of Munnar is synonymous with rolling hills that are carpeted with verdant plantations of tea – a delicious beverage loved worldwide. This place is recognised for having some of the best and most beautiful tea gardens across the globe. Owing to the presence of large tea estates and big names in the field, it is regarded as a prominent hub of tea trade in the country.



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